Project info

Office and cultural building in Metaxourgio

Total Surface: 7000 sq.m.
Design: 2010
Construction: 2011
Design Team: Lila Galata, Mariza Angelidi
Collaborators: Ariadni Kafetzi, Bettina Velliou

This project is a private building of cultural use, willing to obtain public character. It is located in the centre of Athens, in a historical district called Metaxourgeio. It is designed to contribute to the upgrade and redevelopment of the district in combination with the renovated Metaxourgeio public gallery and the reconstruction of Avdi square, all of which were considered as an undividable synthesis. The unbuilt area of the site, functions as part of Avdi square. It is attributed to the public, expanding the boundaries of the pedestrian Giatrakou in a smaller square, planted with olive trees. The square is created by the retreat of the building mass towards the highways (Kolokinthous and Alexandrou). The square boundaries are defined by an inclined plate which “dives” in the ground inviting the pedestrians through outdoor stairs to climb on the roof and enjoy the view over the square, the Acropolis and the sea. The lower part of this plate forms ground shuttles, rest and observation area, which can operate alone or in combination with other structures of the square to support outdoor events. An important element of the composition is a synthetically emphasized axis of movement that penetrates the building on the ground level and connects Avdi square with Kolokinthous street. The basic materials of the building are concrete, lightweight metal and wooden elements. A building for the cit(y)zens, an invitation for everyday social and cultural events, proves that a modern building can stand as an attraction and landmark for a European city.