Project info

Private Gym

Total Surface: 200sq.m.
Design: 2007
Construction: 2007-2008
Design Team: Lila Galata, Mariza Angelidi
Collaborators: Ariadni Kafetzi, Manolis Paterakis, Bettina Velliou
Photography: © Erieta Attali

The vertical addition of a 200 sq.m. space on the 7th floor of a commercial building that would house a private gymnasium was the object of this project. The demand was that of an imaginary parasol creating a shade for the people working out, while being in visual touch with the dramatic view of the skyline. The architects’ choice was that of a transparent orthogonal volume where architectural design coincided with the design of a visible steel structural skeleton. While demonstrating steel’s structural capacity and integrity, the design incorporated creative strategies that work with the environment. Sliding glass walls constructed of low glazing eliminated the need for artificial heating and cooling. Special fabric systems were used in order to limit direct sunlight and change the amount of transparency during the day. The interior is characterized by custom made constructions, including lighting, steam bath and sanitary elements attempting to reach a certain research level endeavored in all of Lmarchitects projects.