Project info

Lobby design for a shipping company

Design: 2011
Construction: 2011
Design Team: Lila Galata, Mariza Angelidi
Collaborators: Ariadni Kafetzi, Bettina Velliou
Photography: © Erieta Attali, Vaggelis Paterakis

The intention, to give a semiological dimension to the architectural idea of a structure, which functions as reception area for a shipping company, is reflected in the application of the study. The identity of space is defined through a superstructure, which denotes the frame-setting of a vessel's hull. Concomitantly, an area, visible from all vantage points, has been consecrated to an environmental message. By enlisting the power of the image, olive tree - sand - pebble, the company's position and stance towards the environment is explained in an intelligible way. The purposeful omission of decoration further aims to stress the above elements in a clearer fashion.