Project info

Phos restaurant in Mykonos

Design: 2012
Construction: 2012
Design Team: Lila Galata, Mariza Angelidi, Ariadni Kafetzi, Bettina Velliou
Photography: Vaggelis Paterakis


The Greek light, a source of inspiration in any area of artistic creation, lent its name to the new Greek restaurant PHOS, Mykonos (PHOS is the Greek word for light). In this project we handled the shaping of the restaurant area by expressing traditional elements, through a contemporary view. Selecting, as a starting point for inspiration, the shade structure of the greek islands, which owes its existence to the stark greek light, an architectural element was created that shapes the identity of the restaurant area. The deconstruction of the wooden pergola and its mutation into a sculpture expresses our view, regarding the participation of traditional notions in contemporary architecture, denoted in a subversive manner.